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Cloaklets are security widgets built on our Federated Data Sentry (FDS) platform, to help reduce enterprise solution go-to-market time and to enhance its data protection. We also offer professional software development services on top of our solution stack.

We also offer CLOAK APPS, a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) Data Protection Suite, which you can use immediately to protect your work files and messages. Award winning Cloak Apps is patented and have garnered hundreds of downloads daily.

Enterprise Cloak Apps provide the following services

Multi-layered Data Protection


FDS includes libraries and services to secure your data on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web, Cloud and Enterprise platforms. The libraries can also be customized to secure data-in-storage, data-in-transmission and data-in-use on endpoint devices, chatbots or enterprise data infrastructure such as Databases and Messaging Queues.

Data Sanitization


Your data is sanitized before it leaves your enterprise network. Our enterprise gateway can do data removal, masking, translation, encryption and code book. Data sanization ensures your data is used safely on endpoint devices or ensure customer privacy during cloud data analytics.



SMS-based 2FA solution is NOT recommended by NIST. We provide a 2FA solution based on a mobile application using Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP). Our Cloak Token application can be integrated easily into your web services and applications.



Integrate secure end-to-end file sharing, data encryption and trusted messaging into your application quickly. You will accelerate your go-to-market time and focus on your business competency, instead of managing data security development tasks.

"Cloaklets is designed to increase your software developers's productivity by 20%, reduce data security development time by 60% and give you an annual ROI of 18%. Contact us for a no obligation trial." - Marcus Tan, CEO -


  • Data Analytics

    Blockchain, Analysis and Dashboards
  • Data Access Circuit Breaker

    Fine-grained data access control
  • Fast Go-to-Market

    Build a secure app in record time
  • Extensible

    FDS grows with your needs
  • Location Tracking

    Outdoor and Indoor
  • Enterprise Gateway

    Data Sanization, SSO and MFA
  • Ready SDKs and Web Services

    No bloated and slow container
  • Scheduling

    Resource Management
  • Endpoint Management

    Lost Device Revocation and DRM
  • Regulatory Compliance

    Achieve data security compliance quickly
  • ChatBots

    Customized ChatBots
  • Dynamic Distributed Key Management (DDKM)

    Key Generation, Distribution, Revocation and Recovery

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What People Think

  • "Our rigorous verification process shows that Cloak Apps offers real enterprise-grade secure solutions. It is way more secure than common cloud services."

    Dr. Liu Yang CTO, Semantic Eng. Asst. Prof, NTU
  • "Cloak Apps offer a secure way to share sensitive intellectual property in my team using public key encryption. The best among file security applications."

    James Rappel CEO, Digital Surgicals
  • "If you take Cloak Apps away, we would have to go back to cumbersome FTP, VPN or insecure cloud storages. Cloak Apps is way more convenient to use."

    Dr. Li MoHuang CEO, CellSievo

Cloak Apps (patented) is trusted by IT security professionals from MNCs, Governments and SMBs. More than 40k professionals (and growing each day) have downloaded Cloak Apps to protect their most private and sensitive work information.

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and trusted across USA, South Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia

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Find out how different industries can benefit from CLOAK APPS.

Health Care

Achieves HIPAA compliance by securing patient information and medical records.


Prevent insider's and hacker's data theft and safeguard your customer trust.


Integrate data security with Blockchain, and achieve regulatory compliance.


Safeguar intellectual property while sharing them to partners or cloud processes.


Sanitize citizens data before sending it to cloud data analytics or services.


Protect military data and share them securely to cloud process and mobile devices.

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"The fintech and defence industries have been using cryptography-based data access control technologies to reduce data leakage and guard against insider's and hacker's threats. The same technological benefits are available in Cloaklets to improve your software development team's productivity, strengthen data security and reduce application vulnerabilities." - Dr. Li Qiming -


Find out how your company can benefit from Cloak Apps.

Insiders Threat

Cloak Apps enables all your employees to encrypt their important work files and secure them against insider's or hacker's threat.

Secure Mobility

Files protected by Cloak Apps are rendered inaccessible once the stolen device is locked by the user.

Digital Rights Management

Next generation data-room (Vault) shares highly sensitive files with read-only rights to priviledged users and prevents re-disribution.

Digital Signing

Vault provides digital signing of management meeting minutes to increase your company's efficiency.


Our Enterprise SaaS is easily deployed to entire Government agency so that Government files are secured immediately.

Professional Services

Cloak and Vault can be integrated into your enterprise solutions to secure your files transparently.

About Us

We are Cloak, a software product company based in Singapore. Our cloud-based services operate around the world, 24x7, to help serve your data security and mobile workforce needs. Supercharge your work teams with Cloak Apps.

Our philosophy

Security Technologies should be simple. Our philosophies include:

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    Needs Driven

    Your business requirements drive our product feature development. So that we build what you need.

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    Any where, any time.

    All our products are cloud and mobile centric. You reap the advantages of cloud and mobility economics.

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    Research Focus

    We invest in advanced technologies such as machine learning, scheduling, image processing, data security, so that your business benefits.

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    Data security is a must

    Cloud services have to provide enterprise-grade data security, including proper data encryption, access control and key management. Simple HTTPS channel protection or locking your information behind a VPN is insufficient or cumbersome.

Our Mission

To build simple, useful and secure solutions for mobile workforce.

Tremendous value can be unlock from your mobile workforce through proper planning, efficient business process and innovative technologies.

Our Skills

Cloud and Mobile Development ( 85% )

Data Security ( 95% )

Blockchain ( 80% )

Data Analytics ( 80% )

Marcus Tan

Marcus Tan - Co-Founder, M.Eng. (NUS), MBA (Berkeley)

The business plus technology guy...loves weight lifting, running, reading and music

Li Qiming

Li Qiming - Co-Founder, Ph.D. (NUS), more than 30 publications and patents

The technology plus security guy...full time dad and aikido practitioner

Chinn Lim

Chinn Lim - Advisor

Successful enterpreneur, who can cut through the technical fog and deliver business clarity and roadmap.


Please email us or contact us for a no obligation web conference or on-site demo.

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Blk 71, #03-11, Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139951

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